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Always inspect and maintain the Electrical Panels and Fuse Boxes in your home or business.

“We had problems with surging lights, seems our system wasn’t able to handle all the power we needed.  Thanks for all the hard work! No more problems here.”

We all have electrical panels  in our home and at work. The electrical panel is the main distribution point for your electrical system.

  • Lights Flickering?
  • Breakers Tripping?
  • UL Listing Expired on Panel
  • 40% of Panels have incorrect Circuit Breakers installed

If your electrical panel is not working properly it can lead to many household electrical problems, as well as personal safety, so it is an issue that should be taken care of immediately.

If you have lights flickering, hear buzzing or smell something coming from your panel please contact us as quickly as possible.

The electrical panel feeds power to all your wiring in your home and tells it how much power each circuit can have. DO NOT change the breaker to a larger size just because you want the breaker to stop tripping, this will in most cases burn the wiring and cause serious electrical safety hazards in your home or business.

Electrical panels should also be properly maintained. If you ever had anyone working in your panel, usually because someone is installing a new circuit for something, this is when I see a lot go wrong.

Proper maintenance of an electrical panel should include;

  • Re-torquing of all terminations, only after checking wiring and making sure the existing terminations were properly installed to begin with
  • Re-lube the aluminum conductors
  • Inspect and cycle all breakers for proper operation
  • Check that where the breaker inserts into panel that it is secure and no burning is taking place because of bad connections or electrical overloads

These are just some of the maintenance requirements that help maintain safety in the home or office. The goal of this blog is to help anyone in the Atlanta area that is looking for electrical help and advice, consumers and other electricians alike.

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